Meelunie is a leading global supplier of plant based ingredients such as proteins, starches and sweeteners. The Meelunie product range covers a wide variety of food, animal nutrition and industrial applications, and includes trusted brands such as Windmill Potato Starch alongside an ever-growing assortment of organic products.

A truly global company, Meelunie has offices spread over five continents and export to over 100 countries. But their added value goes far beyond that of a supplier. From risk management to multi-sourcing, quality assurance to tailor-made supply chains, Meelunie can draw on over 150 years’ experience to develop comprehensive solutions designed to meet your specific needs. Today, only products that meet their highest standards are selected to be part of their portfolio. Meelunie's brands are internationally recognized as a standard of excellence and reliability. Cooperating with a global network of production facilities powered by our extensive distribution network, Meelunie makes sure they always have product available for you. Unlike other suppliers, Meelunie considers the world as their home market.

Meelunie's global offices can be found in The Netherlands, China, USA, South Africa, Mexico, Argentina and Singapore.

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