Meatless Farm

“Innovations that bring more people to plant-based category”

Developing a new generation of tasty meat alternatives, by using combinations of protein sources and technologies, is the aim of Meatless Farm. In only a few years, the company has developed from a start-up into a leading, award-winning brand in plant-based products like mince, sausages and burger patties.

“We are always looking at opportunities to develop products that are even tastier, healthier and more nutritious compared to what we already offer,” says Michael Nieberl, Chief Operating Officer at Meatless Farm in Amsterdam. “Joining Foodvalley allows us to further broaden our horizons and find new solutions to launch innovations that will bring more people to the plant-based category.”

Access to potential partners and suppliers

Via Foodvalley Meatless Farm wants to extend its network with ingredient suppliers, process specialists and food manufacturers in order to collaborate. “Meeting each other in such an inspiring ecosystem is far more effective than randomly calling potential partners,” Nieberl explains. The Chief Operating Officer and his team are happy to share their knowledge and expertise on meat alternatives and extrusion technology with other members, for example when it comes to the processing of peas.

Meatless Farm

Meatless Farm was founded in 2016 by the Danish entrepreneur Morten Toft Bech. His aim was to help reduce the world’s dependency on intensively farmed meat. In 2018, the company launched its original fresh plant-based mince at Sainsbury’s, which is now available in 26 countries, via major retail and foodservice partners. “In addition to plant-based mince our portfolio includes burger patties, a variety of sausages, meatballs, chicken-style products and exciting new ones – to be launched soon; products which on average need 90% less land and 70-80% less water to be produced compared to their meat counterparts,” Nieberl notes.

Raw material is key

Meatless Farm’s key protein source is peas, which is produced at Lovingly Made Ingredients, Meatless Farm’s internal raw material producer in Calgary, Canada. Meatless Farm has also developed protein blends based on, amongst others, peas, fava beans and hemp seeds in order to create new products. “Blending provides additional nutritional benefits and enhances the product´s functionality; it makes it easier to tailor the product to your needs,” says Nieberl.

New generation meat alternatives

Nieberl firmly believes that by blending various sources and technologies – for example, combining extrusion and fermentation technologies – will open the door to a whole new generation of meat alternatives. ”We would love to discuss the opportunities for this with other Foodvalley members.”

Michael Nieberl

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