Lycored is a global leader in all-natural, carotenoids including lycopene-based color and taste-enhancing ingredients for plant-based and clean-label foods, beverages and supplements.

Lycored`s superstable colors are taste and pH-neutral and demonstrate robust stability under a wide range of processing, temperature storage and lighting conditions. Every hue is fully traceable – backward integrated offering ample opportunities for visual appeal across vegan and clean-labels.

Lycored’s tomato-focused science provides the basis for all-natural SANTE and CTC, the company’s proven umami taste enhancers, which support creating great taste, and reduce, or even eliminate, the need for added sugar and salt. Lycofibers are natural tomato fibers with excellent thickening and water absorption properties for clean label tomato and vegetable-based sauces.

As Lycored is focused on all areas of wellness, we also support nutrition opportunities with a broad range of microencapsulated ingredients (vitamins, minerals and carotenoid beadlets) for use in broad food, nutraceutical and dietary supplements forms

All Lycored’ s ingredients are non-GMO, allergen free, Kosher and Halal.


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