LT Foods Europe

LT Foods wants to become a global speciality food company.

LT Foods is an emerging global food company with focus on basmati and other specialty rice, organic foods and convenience rice based products. The company is engaged in milling, processing and marketing of branded and non-branded basmati rice, and manufacturing of rice food products in the India and international market.

LT Foods has a global presence including India, Middle East, UK, Europe and the US. Its operations include contract farming, procurement, storage, processing, packaging and distribution. Its rice product portfolio comprises
brown, white, steamed, parboiled, organic, quick cooking brown rice, value added and flavored rice.

The company's brands include Daawat, Royal, EcoLife, an organic food brand that includes rice, pulses, oil seeds, cereal grains, spices, nuts and fruits and vegetables and Heritage, a basmati rice brand. Its brands also include Gold Seal Indus Valley, Rozana and 817 Elephant which have been recently acquired by the Company.

  • Basmati and other specialty rice
  • Organic foods
  • Convenience rice based products