Lithos Ingredients

"The focus on nutrition and health is important for us"

"Lithos is a trading company for suppliers of high-quality functional ingredients from all over the world. For example, omega-3 fatty acids from algae, dietary fibres, green tea extract and probiotics. We take care of the marketing and sales for our customers, in the business-to-business market, and offer them technical and logistical support.

Foodvalley NL always seemed to us to be an interesting platform; we got to know them at a trade fair and signed up for their newsletter. At first we wondered where we, as a trading company, would fit into this network. But, soon after starting a conversation with them, we became a very enthusiastic member.

What won us over was Foodvalley's focus on nutrition and health. It mirrors our own strategy. Lithos Ingredients supplies ingredients to manufacturers of food supplements as well as food companies, two worlds that are rapidly converging.

We expect our membership to inspire our work, perhaps even to help us enter new markets. And, of course, it offers us new opportunities for partnerships and collaborations."

Bea Boorsma
Business Unit Manager Lithos Ingredients 

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