"Working together makes for better and faster innovation."

Liprofood - part of the Fuite Group - opened a state-of-the-art spray-drying plant in Kampen last year to produce powders based on dairy and vegetable fats. Fuite, founded in 1906, is a major player in animal feed, and is now expanding to the food industry with Liprofood BV. Key potential areas for our product range are bakeries and manufacturers of snacks, creamers and desserts. We started building the Liprofood BV food business from the ground up and, within two months, we expect to be IFS certified and clear to compete in the market.

Meeting other innovative enterprises

Fuite's success is down, in no small part, to constant innovation and we are convinced that collaboration is the way to do innovate this in the best way possible. Change is happening so fast that it is impossible for a single company to keep abreast on its own. Think, for example, of the incredible speed with which the new protein sources market is expanding. This is why we joined Foodvalley NL in early 2021. I knew this ecosystem from when I was an entrepreneur myself, and learnt that it is an excellent platform for making contacts with other innovative enterprises.

Anticipating to the circular economy

Through Foodvalley, we hope to get to know food companies and better understand how to anticipate to the circular economy and identify alternative raw materials. In turn, with our knowledge of ingredients and our many years of commercial experience, we believe we have something to offer to potential partners."

Jaco van Harten: Commercial Director, Liprofood

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