Leaft Foods

Leaft Foods is a young leaf protein-based business who’s compelling and competitive products will directly address many of the challenges that Aotearoa New Zealand’s food and fibre sector is facing.

Leaft Foods vision is to create an innovative new food industry that produces sustainable and nutritious plant protein ingredients, enables alternative land use options for farmers, delivering substantial economic and environmental benefits for New Zealand. The protein products created are expected to have high nutritional value and a lighter environmental footprint than either animal or grain-based sources of protein.

The company’s paddock to product business model seeks to play a role in agricultural sector transformation, partnering with farmers to grow leafy crops that remove nitrogen from soils as the raw material for protein manufacture. The process also produces a reduced protein high-quality ensiled feed that has the potential to increase animal performance and reduce nitrogen losses from dairy and beef farming systems.

Leaft Foods has been established to meet the needs of global customers and provide real options to diversity farming and support the changes needed to reduce the environmental issues caused by excess agricultural nitrogen.

As a young company, Leaft Foods looks forward to being part of a global network to develop and champion protein and environmental innovation.

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