Koninklijke Euroma BV

Spice-based food solutions

Since 1899 Euroma is dedicated to develop tasty, healthy, sustainable and safe food solutions, using herbs and spices from all over the world.
Euroma has over 120 years of experience in the chain from field to plate.
As a leading partner for the international food business, the company is a renowned pioneer in Europe, with a top 3 position in its field.

Continuous innovation
Clean (and clear) labels have become the new standard. Consumers continue to value the health aspects of food and various innovations are helping ensure all food industry segments make progress in this respect too.

Taking natural ingredients as the starting point, Euroma uses its extensive knowledge of food technology and applications to develop trend-led flavours and textures for its international food industry partners and retailers.

The company experts are driven to support its partners with concepting, taste profiling, recipes, co-manufacturing, packaging and innovation on a tailor-made basis.
We believe in long-lasting partnerships and an active, open knowledge exchange.

Euroma. United by taste.


Euroma’s taste and technical solutions cover these savoury food categories:

  • Herbs and spices (singles and blends)
  • Fresh meals & salads
  • Savoury snacks
  • Fast food
  • Fresh meat & meat replacers
  • Ambient soups & hot snacks
  • Ambient meals
  • Ambient sauces & condiments & marinades
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