Kitchen on a Mission

Innovators in fresh snacks, tapas and spreads.

Since 1994, Kitchen on a Mission produces attractive and innovative snacks for wholesale, retail, specialty shops and more. They make their high-quality products from the best fresh ingredients and they take pride in presenting products in their authentic composition and flavour. With a growing demand for fresh snacks in supermarket formulas, Kitchen on a Mission plays a significant part in the growth and innovation of this market. Kitchen on a Mission offers a wide range of products for retailers looking for something to breathe new life into their snack shelves. We innovate, inspire and surprise until our products are a perfect fit for our customers. Also, Kitchen on a Mission provides co-making services for young, innovative food brands that are looking for a scalable, professional and high quality production. Together with these brands, they create conditions for growth and innovation by sharing their knowledge and experience.

  • Production
  • Co-making
  • 3rd party manufacturing
  • Private label
  • Snacks
  • Tapas
  • Spreads
  • Retail
  • Innovation