Kikkoman Europe R&D Laboratory

Today, Kikkoman is an international market player with a 5,700-strong workforce running operations in the worldwide.

Kikkoman has ten production facilities in Japan, the USA, Singapore, Taiwan, China and the Netherlands (as of 2011). Approximately 400 million liters of naturally brewed soy sauce leave these production facilities every year to stock the shelves of supermarkets, delicatessen stores and Asia shops.

The name Kikkoman stands for quality products and gourmet flavor and the world's leading naturally brewed soy sauce brand aims to bring different dining cultures together in a rich, varied and modern food lifestyle.

In addition to soy sauce, the Kikkoman Group widely engages in other areas including the wholesale of Asian foods and the development and sale of health food items.

  • Soy sauce
  • Flavor
  • Asian foods
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