Kaneka Corporation

Kaneka Corporation, headquartered in Osaka and Tokyo, Japan, was established in 1949. Kaneka is a producer of materials and ingredients for a wide range of industries. Products are Foodstuffs, Chemicals, Functional Plastics, Life-science Products, Electronic Products and Synthetic Fibers.

Worldwide Kaneka employs more than 8.400 people. Kaneka Corporation has sites in Belgium, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, India, Taiwan, South Korea and Australia.

Kaneka’s Food division produces Fats and Oil Based Products, Non-dairy Products, Fermented Products and Functional Products in Japan. Examples are Margarine, Whipping cream, Yeast, Filling, Taste enhancer and Functional protein.

  • Fat
  • Non-dairy
  • Filling
  • Functional material
  • Taste
  • Plastics
  • Bio-Polymer
  • Photovoltaic Modules.
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