Jack Links

Conquering the world with (plant-based) protein snacks

There is enormous market potential for protein snacks made from sustainable ingredients. This is the vision of Jack Link’s, a global leader in branded protein snacks for on the go. The company joined Foodvalley to fuel the protein shift across the food industry.

“Our headquarters for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) is in Amsterdam and we have worked with several members of Foodvalley – including companies in The Protein Cluster – in research and development projects,” says Jan Pieter Schretlen, Managing Director EMEA at Jack Link’s. “Joining Foodvalley felt like a logical next step.”

Companies of all sizes

“We are enthusiastic about Foodvalley’s unique concept of bringing companies of all sizes, from start-ups to multinationals, together with experts on ingredients, manufacturing and market insights,” adds Felix Ostertag, Head of R&D EMEA at Jack Link’s. “We´re especially - but not limited – interested in vertical partnerships (upstream) and contacts within our supply chain. Means ingredient suppliers and manufacturers as we see our core competence in manufacturing consumer products.”

In its turn, Jack Link’s brings extensive experience in protein snacks, especially in ready-to-eat products, including manufacturing and marketing capabilities. “In addition, the route to market of our well-known brands might be of interest to companies that want to make an immediate impact with new technologies.”

Reducing the CO2 footprint

Jack Link’s is a US-based, family-owned and -led company founded in 1986. Its heritage goes back to the 1880s, when it began manufacturing high-quality protein snacks. The company wants to act sustainably in everything it does and has a clear commitment to reducing its overall CO2 footprint. This includes projects delivering a climate-positive result (‘regainability’), as well as involving consumers by offering a balanced product range, including plant-based meat alternatives.

Meat analogue

In 2021, Jack Link’s successfully launched its first meat analogue, ‘Vegerami Chickn'less Bites’ at Tesco in the UK. “It’s a great example of how ingredient suppliers, research institutes and manufacturers can collaborate,” Ostertag concludes.


Felix Ostertag 

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