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Testing product innovations among consumers

Too many product innovations - including meat replacers - fail because they do not match consumer expectations. Well-considered consumer research could substantially increase the chance of success, according to experts from ISI Germany.

“Product innovations and improvements will only be successful when they are attractive to the consumer. We can help manufacturers find their ‘perfect’ formula,” says Femke Brouwer-Damen, Partnership Manager at ISI Germany. She first heard about Foodvalley five years ago as a PhD fellow at Wageningen University, and she considers it a network her employer should definitely be part of. “Accelerating innovation to provide people around the world with tasty, affordable, healthy and sustainable foods is one of the driving forces behind Foodvalley – and this is a goal that we share with them,” continues Stephanie Grahl.

From brand awareness to product appearance

ISI Germany support their clients in all issues regarding product innovation and improvement, from brand perception and the attractiveness of the packaging to product appearance, taste and texture. The company has a broad expertise, ranging from (pet) food to cosmetics. “We also test whether a product offers what consumers expect when opening the package – for example, does it taste as ‘healthy’ as it looks? – and advise manufacturers and retailers on how to bridge the gap between expectations and reality,” explains Grahl.

Understanding the needs of Foodvalley partners

As a Foodvalley member, ISI Germany wants to gain a better understanding of the needs of ingredient suppliers and food companies when it comes to consumer research. Brouwer-Damen: “We recently launched a quick and affordable self-service testing method that might be interesting for start-ups. Of course, any other company is also welcome to contact us, even at a stage when the team is still busy with technology and scaling. Actually, the earlier we are involved in the innovation process, the better we could support them.”

Anne-Sophie Zurwellen
Femke Brouwer

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