In Ovo

In Ovo is a spinoff from Leiden University, which develops technology to increase both animal welfare and efficiency in the poultry industry. Its flagship product is a gender typing machine, called Ella, which can determine the sex of eggs. This makes it possible for hatcheries to only hatch female chicks. This technology has the potential to stop the culling of billions of male chicks yearly, around the world.

The company has successfully launched an early feeding system for chicks and is developing an IoT based platform capable of improving the incubation process for billions of chicks. The company was founded in 2013 by Wil Stutterheim and Wouter Bruins, during their Master studies. It is backed by a loan from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, investments from Leiden University, Visvires New Protein Capital and Evonik. It also received an EIC Accelerator grant in 2020 and a loan from the Fonds Pluimveebelangen. It’s also part of the Food Heroes consortium.

In Ovo is growing fast and expanding its impact on animal welfare and sustainability around the world. The company works together with large partners in the industry to do so.

Foodvalley Champion 2020 - Circular Agrifood

In Ovo has won a number of awards, one of which is the title Foodvalley Champion 2020 - Circular Agrifood. The jury: "In Ovo’s technical innovation anticipates the imminent ban on one-day male-chick culling by 2022 in, amongst others, Germany. With this method, the current chain will be transformed, a new processing system will be deployed and a major social impact will be realized,"

Wil Stutterheim, Founder and Director of In Ovo: "This award has come at just the right time for us. This year we will take our technology to the market and I’m certain the Foodvalley network will be of tremendous help."

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