Holland Green Science International

Specialist in plant extraction equipment

Holland Green Science International is a developer of extraction machines, and specialises in extracting CBD oil from hemp plants (cannabis species). CBD oil has a relaxing effect, and is not addictive. That means CBD oil is of great interest to the food industry. As a Foodvalley member, Holland Green Science hopes to inspire other companies and show them the many application possibilities of the versatile cannabis plant.

“Around the world, people view the Netherlands as the land of the cannabis plant. Although legislation in the Netherlands is slightly lagging behind, we are great at researching and coming up with new applications. We want to team up with companies and other organisations that want to develop products that contain hemp components like CBD oil. These could be the food producers themselves or suppliers. We’d also like to come in contact with companies that look into alternative extraction methods”, Raynaud Mignot, Managing Director at Holland Green Science tells us.

Interest in CBD oil rockets

Hemp or cannabis is a very versatile plant. Its history goes back at least eight thousand years, when ancient peoples like the Egyptians found plenty of uses for it. The plant can survive in a wide variety of environments: it even thrives in the Austrian mountains. “Despite all its qualities, cannabis was put on the list of illegal substances. Now, finally, the tide is turning. More and more countries open up their markets to hemp products. Germany legalised the consumption of recreational cannabis for adults in November 2021. And there’s plenty of research going on into the medicinal application of CBD oil, for instance. We also see a huge rise in interest in the use of CBD oil in food (‘novel-food’), beverages and cosmetics”, Raynaud explains.

CBD oil has a calming effect and is not addictive. The oil can be added to products, such as soft drinks, olive oil, candy or beer. Small amounts of CBD oil in products like tooth paste or skin cream causes a feeling of relaxation.

Intricate extraction process

“The extraction of CBD oil from cannabis is an intricate process. Any deviation in technique or temperature can damage the plant and cause the extraction process to fail. Our equipment is specially developed for these types of intricate processes. And of course, we’re happy to share our knowledge of extraction technology and cannabis plants. We also have an international network and a distribution channel that can serve consumers. Other companies can profit from these”, Raynaud concludes.


Raynaud Mignot
Managing Director

Confidental Infomation