Heura Foods

Developing a new generation of meat replacers

How to make plant-based meat alternatives even more delicious and healthier? At Heura Foods they know this like no other. The company develops, with the Mediterranean cuisine as starting premise, technologies and recipes that improve consumers’ meat experience in both ways.

“Offering healthy and tasty meat replacers will make it easier for consumers to go plant-based, accelerating the transition the world needs,” says co-founder and CEO Marc Coloma. “Both in terms of palatability and health benefits, there is still room for improvement in this product category.”

Umami flavour

That’s why the company has put a lot of energy into research and development. “With our extra virgin olive oil fat analogue we already solved the challenge of juiciness without the need for high amounts of saturated fat, and now we feel the next global challenge is to achieve the umami flavour of meat without using high amounts of salt,” Coloma explains.

Coloma and his team will bring their broad expertise on Mediterranean cuisine and gastronomic perspective into the Foodvalley ecosystem. “We always put quality and nutrition at the centre of our decisions.” The company will also share its expertise on the organization of consciousness-raising campaigns via, for example, billboards and social media.

Meeting other pioneers

It was the company’s drive for change that made Coloma decide to become a member of Foodvalley. “This network is full of pioneers, such as Wageningen University & Research that are, like us, committed to transforming the food industry. Foodvalley’s expertise and global reach make it even more interesting for a rapidly growing company like ours.”

Heura Foods, which offers a selection of premium soy- and pea-based ‘meat’ and ‘chicken’ chunks and strips with a Mediterranean flavour, is delivering its products to supermarkets and restaurants in 16 countries. “Via Foodvalley, we want to enrich our value chain as well as gain access to international talent and new partners in innovation and co-manufacturing. We are interested in the whole spectrum, from new ingredients and technologies to production capacity.”

Marc Coloma

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