Herbafood Ingredients GmbH

Highly functional dietary fibres and apple extracts 

As a pioneer in the field of multifunctional products Herbafood Ingredients offers a comprehensive range of highly functional dietary fibres with focus on fruit-derived fibres like citrus fibre or apple fibre. The multifunctional fibres are perfectly fitting into “clean & simple” concepts as for creating vegan emulsions just based on the fibres as well as for stabilization and texturization, in various food and beverage applications.  

One of the preferred raw materials of Herbafood Ingredients is the apple out of which the company obtains not only functional fibres but also apple extracts for natural colouring and flavouring.  

Herbafood Ingredients GmbH is a company that is highly engaged in R&D as well as in application technology. Supporting the customers on a high technical service level to produce tasty and healthy food with excellent texture is the highest priority. 


Noa Bastiaans 
Head of H&F Group Branch Office Benelux

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