HealthyProteins BV from The Netherlands is a B2B supplier of (organic) plant based protein ingredients to producers of dairy/meat/fish alternative products with a particular focus on developing plant based ingredients for application in supplements and infant formulae/nutrition.

The development in plant-based products are on a high rise. HealthyProteins foresees with many of you that the shift from meat/fish/dairy to the increasingly appealing tasty challenging alternative products, will become more mainstream; and sooner than we anticipate today. A result will inevitably be that supply and demand will influence volumes and prices available. This causes both an opportunity for those with the right position in the playing field as well as a threat for those who don’t. HealthyProteins has a strong supply chain in various key (organic) plant proteins like almond, chia, peas, faba etc. which we would love to share with you. Maybe you look for a new ingredient, possibly you want a benchmark proposition or price comparison for an existing supply?

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