Günther Prepress Benelux

Packaging is what we are living for. Your packaging & printing ideas transformed into the printed end result at the “Point Of Sale” starts with Günther Prepress Benelux. Your partner from design to print.

Günther Prepress Benelux regards the company as an expert of the pre-press stage for the packaging industry.

In the view of Günther Prepress Benelux, the pre-press stage is the link between the print customer and the print contractor, with whom the crucial groundwork is laid for a perfect print result. As such, the company does not see their work as mere handicraft; rather, it is seen as a service that makes flawless communication between design and production possible in the first place.

Günther Prepress Benelux, the company for all your packaging & brand management solutions. Providing services as design, artwork and online packaging workflow solutions. Reproduction, color management, print consulting and producing printing plates for printers and converters. This for all kind of packaging. For example; flexible, labels and corrugated board.


  • Pre-press for packaging
  • Design
  • Mock-ups
  • 3D packaging simulation
  • Artwork
  • Reproduction
  • Print consulting