You want to give your customers the best you've got. We, too, understand the importance of sound products and services in the medical, pharmaceutical, food and logistics sector, which are essential to people's health and well-being. This requires consistent quality, optimal hygiene, safe production and the knowledge that you meet all conditions and your process are under control. Gullimex offers you that certainty! We give you, our customers, full control over the quality and hygiene of your product and process, thus contributing to people's health and well-being.

Gullimex laboratory

We measure, monitor, analyze and register temperature, humidity, CO2, leak detection and hygiene. We boast a great deal of legislative, organizational and practical knowledge in the field, which we are happy to share with customers. Our offering comprises a wide range of sensors, temperature gauges and data loggers.

Our MyCCP platform brings all HACCP & GDP checklists and measurement data together online. Customers as well as process operators or managers can, in the same way that authorized regulators can, view the status of the performance of equipment and processes at any time and any location. We also help customers with the calibration, configuration and maintenance of all instruments in a manner that fits their situation and requirements.

How you benefit? You can rest assured of the good quality and hygiene in your organization. If you require any adjustments, you will immediately have the correct parameters at hand. And you can communicate openly and transparently with all staff, and demonstrate your compliance with the laws and regulations to the relevant regulators.

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