We help to unlock the growth potential of our customers by increasing their value — the biotic way

Growingdale is an agency specialised in branding for companies who have potential value and desire to unlock and multiply it. Especially startups who need to translate their innovation into customer-relevant value — whether rationally or emotionally. Thanks to its unique and proprietary methodology, named Biotic Brand Cultivation, Growingdale offers a 360-degree branding board-level consultancy and training. Biotic Brand Cultivation is appraised for its combination of in-depth inquiry and concise to the point approach. This reduces the runtime of each branding project drastically, keeping it fresh and dynamic. Growingdale’s insights and advice are hands-on and immediately convertible into concrete projects. Biotic Brand Cultivation is entirely based on the biotic laws of growth, applied to the world of business. This is why Growingdale cultivates brands instead of building them.

Since 2004 Growingdale (under different names) serviced international companies in various markets. In 2019 Growingdale decided to focus on the agri-food market because Biotic Brand Cultivation resonates with the principles of agriculture and nutrition. It is entirely comprehensible and applicable by people operating in this market.

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