B2B platform for making the food market more green

Greenfoodfinder contributes to a more sustainably society by providing an online promotion and sales platform for sustainable ingredients and products. By becoming a Greenfoodfinder partner, suppliers can make use of the platform to gain more visibility. In this way Greenfoodfinder helps businesses to increase sales of sustainable ingredients and solutions.

In addition, Greenfoodfinder can help production companies to make their product range and business operations more sustainable through conducting a baseline measurement against eight key greencharacteristics followed up with greening advice with help of the ingredients and solutions of our platform partners.

Increase shareholder value

Companies that have a sustainability agenda and take actions to improve their footprint will have better shareholder value than companies that pay little or no attention to this. With the help of Greenfoodfinder companies contribute to many SDGs and at the same time improve their shareholder value.

Become a platform partner

Become a partner of Greenfoodfinder and benefit from the greening process that Greenfoodfinder will start together with you through the platform!


The collaboration with Greenfoodfinder can be implemented in several ways:

  • Free online promotion on our platform. Additional visibility for your ingredients – on a specialized website – which convert to sale opportunities
  • Ingredient, application and implementation advice of your green ingredients and services
  • Sales within the Benelux: With more than 35 years of experience we are the designated company to do the sales of your green ingredients and solutions into the B2B food market in the Benelux.


Tim Piels

Confidental Infomation