Green Boy

Sustainable plant-based building blocks

The ingredients in many plant-based products have not necessarily been sustainably produced. Green Boy wants to change this by switching to different crops than soy, for example. With offices all over the world, the Green Boy company supplies high-quality plant-based protein to the food industry.

Sustainably plant-based

Co-founder Peter van Dijken says: “We saw the opportunities for plant-based foods increase in the recent years, especially because we have an office in Los Angeles. Food trends that later become mainstream, often start here. We noticed a rapid growth of the plant-based market in Los Angeles and knew that the trend would only expand. We realised that there was no alternative plant-based protein for sustainable plant-based products. Soy and grain proteins are the most commonly used, but they are allergenic and generally not grown sustainably. We are looking for proteins from crops that can be rotated in order to prevent soil depletion. For example, protein from peas or broad beans.”

Free from soy and gluten

“We can offer the Foodvalley NL network knowledge about soy and gluten-free alternatives in the area of functional plant-based protein. Europe is traditionally tuned to plant-based products that contain gluten and soy protein, but consumer trends are moving towards products that are free from soy and gluten. I think it would be wonderful if we could make a difference within the network in that area. What appeals to us in joining Foodvalley’s Innovation field Protein Shift is the fact that Wageningen University is also part of it and that their knowledge perfectly complements our innovations”, Peter concludes.

About Green Boy

Peter van Dijken and Frederik Otten have known each other since their student days and are the founders of Green Boy. Since 2015, they have supplied building blocks for plant-based food products all over the world.

Peter van Dijken and Frederik Otten, Green Boy

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