FUMI Ingredients

FUMI Ingredients is an innovative start-up which is a result from the PhD research conducted at the bioprocess engineering group – Wageningen University.

This research lead to the conclusion that the cell structure of algae holds a great potential for food applications, due to their unique composition and activity. However, algae biomass was underutilized mainly to produce biofuels and the so-called superfoods.

Yeast, fungi and microorganisms

The founders of FUMI Ingredients decided to pursue these ideas further, making it extensive to yeast and fungi and additionally exploring how microorganisms can be used to produce proteins which can display similar technical functionality as egg-whites and other animal proteins, which dominate the food market.

Minimum processing

A second innovative aspect of FUMI Ingredients, is the implementation of the concept of minimum processing. With this, the startup developed unique biorefinery processes that allow the production of novel ingredients from microorganisms, with minimum processing costs but also ensuring clean label. The startup is therefore active in the processing and application fields.

The concept developed by FUMI Ingredients stands out in comparison to other companies which are active in novel ingredients derived from GMO strains and complex processing, or which developed process to obtain ingredients from crops. This last approach also puts a pressure on natural resources, as it depends on arable land, fresh water and climate variations.

  • Novel proteins
  • Animal-free
  • Microorganisms
  • Biorefinery
  • Vegan ingredients
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