Fuji Oil Holdings Inc

The Fuji Oil Group develops, produces and markets ingredients such as oils & fats, chocolate, and plant-based ingredients for meat & cheese analogues.

The Fuji Oil Group is a 100% plant-based solution provider that serves the global food industry with a worldwide presence in the specialty fats, chocolate and soy-based ingredients sectors.

They are a key player in Asia-Pacific and increasingly active in Europe, the Americas, and Africa. With a quarter of all staff having a technical background and being highly-science driven, the Group has been responsible for many innovations, including cocoa butter equivalents, the Ultra Soy Separation process, plant-based meat and cheese analogues and other highly-functional ingredients. The Fuji Oil Group is committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and is actively following an agenda to ensure responsible sourcing of its key raw materials.

  • oils & fats
  • soy
  • chocolate
  • protein
  • plant-based
  • ingredient