Fuji Europe Africa BV

Fuji Europe Africa combines 70 years of oils&fats and plant protein know-how with cutting-edge technology to create plant-based food solutions for the global food manufacturing industry - with a mindset of sustainability and social responsibility at the core of everything we do.

In Europe, Fuji Europe Africa aims to work with partners across the value chain, from suppliers of sustainable raw materials to partnerships in food manufacturing, to bring their innovative plant-based food solutions to market.

Their most recent solution for Europe is Soy Delice. Fuji Europe Africa has combined their plant protein expertise with fermentation and emulsification know-how to develop a semi-hard plant-based alternative to cheese that has a mild and authentic taste produced by the fermentation of plant protein with dairy-derived lactic acid bacteria. This 100% plant-based solution is a further step in their long history of developing alternatives to full-dairy cheese; first through the development of plant-based/dairy hybrids and now through 100% plant-based alternatives.

In their home markets, Fuji Europe Africa are leaders in the market for plant-based meat alternatives, and they co-create final concepts with their customers. Being part of the global Fuji Oil group enables Fuji Europe Africa to tap into the experience of colleagues around the world to better serve their customers.

Through working with European partners, they aim to offer solutions that are not only delicious, but are good for the health of people and our planet.

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  • Protein
  • Plant-based
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