Fortified RTE BV

Delicious vitality with the revolution in ready meals. Fortified meals enriched with with vitamins, minerals and proteins, added in a thin layer of gelatine.

Fortified offers a new, patented food system to enrich ready meals with extra vitamins, minerals and proteins, encapsulated in a thin layer of gelatine. This is a breakthrough for a more vital life. For seniors, athletes and anyone who wants to improve their quality of life.

The meals are prepared traditionally with ultra fresh, natural ingredients. They look more attractive and taste better. The gelatine is added to the meal with the Fortified Food printer after the food preparation process, safeguarding there is hardly any loss of nutritional values. The meals contribute to your vitality, an amazing prospect.

  • healthy ageing
  • enriched meals
  • fortified food
  • malnutrition