Company providing high-quality, full service development of self-heating food and beverages. Intended for markets such as Care, Transport and Catering.

Foodcase is a company providing high quality, full service development of innovative food solutions with a long shelf life.

Foodcase is located in Wageningen in the main centre of the Food Valley in the Netherlands. The company is developing, designing and marketing innovative food solutions, combining food technology, smart packaging and the latest knowledge of ingredient behaviour by listening what customers truly want.

Foodcase operates as a service provider between manufacturers and knowledge institutes in the airline, remote and health care sector. A team of experts in nutrition and food technology take care of the right quality of our food solutions offering convenience and optimal nutritional value.

Foodcase has its own state-of-the-art research facility, Foodcase Imagination Lab. This facility and knowledge can also be used by other start-up companies. Foodcase assist with the development process of new products or ideas, and help to scale up to a market proposition.