Farm Frites International

Farm Frites was founded in 1971 as a family enterprise, which it remains to this day.

For over 40 years Farm Frites has dedicated itself to an on-going program of specialist development in the breeding, selection, processing and packaging of potato products.

Farm Frites provides one of the most comprehensive ranges of potato products for the Food Service market and for all out-of-home markets. Nowadays, in many countries Farm Frites is the expert when it comes to frozen and chilled potato products.

As the role of innovation is an important one, Farm Frites follows market trends and uses new technology to always keep the range aligned to customer requirements.

Farm Frites has forty world-wide locations. Wherever they operate, they want their own local presence, staffed by their own experts and run according to their own norms, but with its feet firmly planted in the local community.

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