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Barley: Moving beyond beer to make better food ingredients

EverGrain Ingredients believes that using the protein and fiber in barley (destined for the brewing process) can be an important part of the development of sustainable, nutritious and tasty plant-based foods. The company joined Foodvalley to accelerate the global plant-based movement, by offering consumers better tasting, more-environmentally friendly and nutritious consumer products.

“We know that this task cannot be done alone. Therefore we would like to team up with other partners in the Foodvalley ecosystem. These organizations are very synergistic to us. We, share the same beliefs, drive and commitment to bringing about better plant-based solutions; solutions for which consumers don’t need to make sacrifices when it comes to taste, nutrition and sustainability,” says Ties Soeters, Chief Product Owner at EverGrain Ingredients. “It’s very exciting for us to be part of this initiative, as we know that it can be difficult to find the right partners in an emerging field like this.”

Towards protein blends

Together with other Foodvalley members, EverGrain Ingredients wants to dive deeply into plant-based food products, understand the gaps that still exist in terms of, for example, protein quality, taste and texture, and fill these gaps. “We want to engage with other thought leaders and work together towards new sustainable solutions, developing products with blends of plant-based proteins and fibers, for example,” Soeters explains.

How to measure sustainability

In its turn, EverGrain brings its knowledge and expertise regarding food processing and how to measure sustainability. “We have made a five-year journey in the development of circular food ingredients and are happy to share our story with other members,” says Soeters. “We are building knowledge around the do’s and don’ts along the way.”

Sustainable process

EverGrain Ingredients turns brewers’ spent grains into proteins, fibers and other highly nutritious food ingredients. “Actually, we like to call it ‘barley saved grains’ as we believe the barley is far from ‘spent’. It has a nutritional quality that is well ahead of many feed stocks available today,” Soeters stresses.

EverGrain Ingredients uses a sustainable process that requires less land and water and, emits less carbon emissions than the production of any other major protein or fiber source. Soeters: “We are focused on creating the world’s most sustainable source of proteins and fibers, and we believe the more we can illustrate that sustainability does not have to come at cost to the consumer and that it enables the creation of better products, the faster we can help drive broader adoption across the market.” Through its strategic partnerships with the largest beer brewers in the world, EverGrain Ingredients is tapping into a huge market. The company’s first large-scale facility, based in the US, will go live by the end of 2021.


Ties Soeters
Chief Product Owner at EverGrain Ingredients

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