Ekomenu: “Together we make the healthy choice the easy choice”

“Ekomenu makes eating tasty and responsible food easy. Our customers can choose from 25 recipes every week – 100% organic, half vegetarian or completely plant-based – that match 13 different lifestyles. They can adjust the quantities per dish and replace ingredients they are allergic to. The groceries needed to make these recipes are delivered as a meal box or can be picked up at a store. We work with flexible subscriptions where we also offer free diet advice. Since our founding in 2016, we have grown rapidly; we are now the largest provider of personalized food-for-health menus in the Netherlands and Belgium, and we are expanding further.

I have been familiar with Foodvalley NL for years. Their vision and mission appeal to me. Like us, they emphasize that the healthy choice must be made easy, and they encourage collaboration between different parties in the chain. That was reason enough to join this ecosystem at the beginning of 2021.

As a Foodvalley member, we want to gain inspiration about how, as an entrepreneur, we can respond in smarter ways to the personalization of food – using technology and data, and fresh and unprocessed products as much as possible. We also hope to gain partners through this ecosystem, not only suppliers, but also parties who want to organize online food challenges for customers or employees together with us.”

Jack Stroeken, founder of Ekomenu
www.ekomenu.nl | www.voeljelekker.nl

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