Ecosystem Navigators

Let us guide you into the future of food by supporting you in navigating strategically in ecosystems or by empowering ecosystem support organisations.

Ecosystem Navigation
Collaborating effectively with parties outside your own organisation provides an increasingly strategic advantage. This has led many companies to take an interest in ecosystems, innovation districts and clusters. A careful analysis of the own ambitions and expectations in combination with a deep understanding of the characteristics of the various ecosystems is needed to navigate through these systems in a successful manner. Ecosystem Navigators apply a strategic approach to identify what innovation ecosystems have to offer for your company ànd what is needed to make use of it!

Empowering Ecosystems
There is great interest in ecosystems as an instrument for regional socio-economic policy. Dedicated support organisations are set up to secure an optimally functioning ecosystem, while operating at the interface of many stakeholders. It is of prime importance that the expectations regarding the return on investment in a support organization are managed properly. Ecosystem Navigators supports initiators of support organisations from the idea up to and including a successful implementation, benchmark or acceleration strategy.

Why Ecosystem Navigators?

  • The founders of Ecosystem Navigators have spent a substantial part of their careers in building, managing and navigating alliances, clusters and innovation ecosystems: you get the best of real-life experience.
  • A vast international network of top-notch experts both in specific domains, ranging from innovation experts to economists, as well as in regions in all parts of the world.
  • A tailor-made approach based on proven methods and tools, delivered by the experts to make your ambition into a success.
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