From the field to the fork, and from food legislation through to corporate and commercial law. Advice and support for companies throughout the food sector.

DVAN is a firm of lawyers and civil-law notaries with offices in Utrecht and Rotterdam. Sector-specific expertise and legal specialties go hand in glove and this is what creates added value: together we get the best result. Collaboration is often essential for realising innovations in the Agriculture & Food sector. And successful collaboration is always based on clarity and the unambiguous statement of mutual expectations. In such situations DVAN can help you to set out cooperation agreements. Moreover, it is important to make agreements about the results of the innovation.

Other issues may need to be addressed too, such as:

  • Is it a good idea to accommodate my innovations in a separate entity?
  • How can I protect my innovation?
  • What action can I take to prevent or stop misuse of my innovation?
  • Through which channels will I market my innovation (licence, agency, distribution or other methods)?
  • What agreements do I need to make in this context?


Thanks to DVAN's long and extensive experience in the food sector and their specialist knowledge of the sector’s laws and regulations, they can take the broad view and approach things from many angles, not just the legal perspective.

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