De Korrel Beheer

De Korrel Beheer is the name of the holding comprising ECS Paneermeel Industrie, MasterMix and HB Specialty Foods Europe. The product range of De Korrel Beheer consists mainly of tailor-made products: a variety of breadcrumbs, functional ingredients and mixes for the meat, fish and poultry processing industries worldwide.

ECS Paneermeel Industrie is specialized in the manufacture of breadcrumbs in a range of varieties, sizes and colours. Since 1994, ECS has been supplying high-quality products to countless customers in various sectors of the food industry.

As a professional partner in batter and coating systems, food ingredients, sauces and marinades, MasterMix works very closely with its food industry clients. MasterMix is a long-standing specialist in batters and coatings. Each mix is prepared from high-quality raw materials and additives with the specific application in mind. MasterMix specializes in developing products for meat, fish and poultry processors.

HB Specialty Foods Europe is a joint venture between De Korrel Beheer and the American company HB Specialty Foods LLC USA, which has locations in Nampa, Idaho, in Beloit, Wisconsin, and in Limestone, Maine. Among other things, HB Specialty Foods Europe produces potato coatings: clear coats for fries that help them to stay fresh and crispy for longer.

De Korrel Beheer's approach is primarily project-based, in close collaboration with companies in the meat, poultry, snack and fish processing industries, towards client-specific solutions. This leads to products that allow their manufacturers to cater to the wishes of their customers. Target is to build long-term relationships with customers and to offer out-of-the-box solutions in product development.

  • ECS
  • MasterMix
  • HB Specialty Foods
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Coatings
  • Batters
  • Tempuras
  • Tailormade
  • Herb/spice mixes
  • Sauces
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