De gezonde super

Healthy food made easy

Eating healthy food is crucial to the prevention of diseases of affluence, such as heart disease and diabetes. Start-up ‘De gezonde super’, which translates as ‘The healthy supermarket’, wants to make it easier to follow a healthy diet. The company is developing a useful website to this purpose. It allows you to simply choose meals you like and to make them even healthier with a boost button. And when you’re done, your shopping list is automatically generated.

In September 2021, De gezonde super joined the network of Foodvalley, the Innovation field Food & Health. Owner Lennard van der Poel says: “To make healthy eating easier, you need partners. De gezonde super is a new sales channel. Together with other Foodvalley Members, we can make sure that healthy products find their way to consumers.”

Boost buttons for a healthier option

“In supermarkets, you are constantly tempted to buy unhealthy products. That makes it a day-to-day challenge to prepare healthy meals. With the website that De gezonde super is creating, you can easily put together a weekly menu filled with meals that are tasty and appealing. You also have the option to choose preferences, such as simple, kid proof, seasonal or budget. Each meal has a health score. You can easily alter ingredients and recipes of a low-scoring meal and turn it into a healthier one by using one or more boost buttons. There are many different boost buttons, such as ‘less processed’, ‘extra fibre’, ‘more vegetables’, ‘locally produced’, and ‘organic’. With these options we give people insight in what they eat and the choice to go for a healthier diet, at their own pace”, Lennard says.

Shopping at your own supermarket

De gezonde super does not deliver the groceries itself, but cooperates with different supermarkets. After the meals have been put together, the shopping basket of the chosen supermarket is automatically filled. That way, other products can also be added to the basket and the order is delivered in one go by a single delivery service. If the customer’s preferred supermarket is not available on the website yet, or if they wish to go to the supermarket themselves, they can easily take the healthy shopping list with them.

Stimulating the demand for healthy products

Lennard: “We can influence which meals or products the user gets to see and, in that way, promote new products or insights. With De gezonde super we can stimulate the demand, but the products obviously have to be available somewhere. That is why we would like to share our knowledge with Foodvalley Members who, just like us, want to facilitate healthy eating, develop new products, have ideas for new boost buttons, or have short communication lines with retailers.”


Lennard van der Poel



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