Danone Nutricia Research

“We want to close the gap between animal and plant-based dairy”

“Danone is well known for its milk-based products, including yoghurts, yoghurt drinks and infant nutrition. However, our One planet. One Health sustainability strategy and emerging consumer trends have convinced us to invest in plant-based alternatives. After merging with WhiteWave Food Co. in 2017, we became a world leader in this field, offering a broad range of soy, almond and oat milks and yoghurts, and we are still expanding our business. One of our strategies is to develop plant-based alternatives under the flag of well-known brands like Actimel, Activia and Danette, increasing consumer choice.

Plant-based dairy is booming. That’s why we want to leverage our knowledge and expertise in this area and connect with valuable ecosystems. Foodvalley is one we really wanted to become a part of. This ecosystem has a diversity of players – from universities and other research organizations to innovative startups – and a focus on commercialization. In November 2020 we became an enthusiastic member.

Via Foodvalley, we hope to gain insights into closing the gap between animal and plant-based dairy, with regard to taste, texture, nutrient value and cost. We would like other members to consider us as a destination for any innovation that contributes to the health of our consumers and our planet.”

Maximilliano Sassone, Research & Innovation Director at Danone's Plant-Based Global Platform

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