“On the way to healthier, more natural snacks”

"Healthy pleasure, that's what we give people. And we do it by making a small bar based on nutritious, natural, fruit and vegetable ingredients, such as dates, sunflower seeds, coconut and cocoa. And without additives; a clean label indulgence! We consciously choose these kinds of ingredients, because they are not just healthy, they are tasty too. This should be the standard for all products in the supermarkets instead of the predominance of highly-processed food products.

Our products are already on the shelves of Crisp.nl, Landmarkt and various delicatessens. In the coming year we will expand our sales partners in the Netherlands and abroad. Through the Foodvalley ecosystem, we hope to find these partners, and would like to exchange knowledge and experiences with companies like us; companies committed to more healthy, natural and plant-based foods.

Issues high on our list are, for example, how we can make our products even more nutritious, and how we can find new packaging? That's quite a challenge since our 15-gram product does not have a standard format. Inspiring examples and knowledge from other companies can give that kind of development that small push it needs."

Muriel Schueler: founder Dalicious

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