CSK Food Enrichment

Whether you are looking for high quality cultures, cheese coating, coagulants or other dairy ingredients, CSK can provide that distinctive impact for your product related to flavor, texture, conditioning or biopreservation.

CSK Food Enrichment supplies dairy ingredients to the food industry. With a track record of more than 100 years in the Dutch dairy CSK has grown into an international business-to-business player. CSK is recognized as a reliable player with great skills and a long experience in dairy products.


We take our customers’ process and products as a starting point and provide well-considered choices and tailor-made solutions on the basis of partnership. We see how the food industry is increasingly focused on the essential core activities and that strong partnerships with suppliers are required to do this.

Our customers can not only depend on CSK for good dairy ingredients, but also for support in the development and improvement of new or existing dairy products. CSK’s aim is to strengthen its status as partner with its customers. The core values of this is doing business together, open lines of communication and a proactive approach.


The overall product quality is largely dependent on the quality and application of the ingredients. Therefore, constant high quality ingredients are required with the associated expertise for the specific application. From our core competence of ingredients, which determine the desired taste, texture and preservation, is the objective of CSK to be the preferred supplier in this area in the international dairy industry.


New developments and product innovations are created by the CSK Research Group. This proactive research partner has a great expertise in the fields of fermentation, physiology of lactic acid bacteria, dynamics in complex starter cultures, dairy application technology, and polymer technology especially related to the application of cheese coatings.

CSK is firmly committing to innovation with its new location in the heart

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