Cosun has a clear ambition for 2030: we intend to be 100% plant based, 100% circular and 100% transparent. Drawing on the strengths of our five business groups – Aviko, Duynie, Sensus, Cosun Beet Company and SVZ – we are delivering solutions that benefit everyone, every day. Our business groups offer a wide range of distinct products and services but are nonetheless closely related to each other thanks to our clear vision. You can find Cosun’s products everywhere today. Our product range extends from potato fries and sugar syrup to other foodstuffs, such as ingredients for cakes, ice cream, meat substitutes and fruit juices; it also includes animal feed, detergents, wallpaper paste and cosmetics.

Cosun holds a unique position in the market. Together with our growers, we have everything we need to put plants in the driving seat on our journey to a better future. As experts in sustainable farming, we can guarantee the quality of all our products throughout the entire value chain. Our growers, staff, suppliers and customers are all making their own contribution to a sustainable and circular world for people and animals. Our aim is a 100% circular supply chain for all our products and services. By processing some 12 million tonnes of biomass every year, we are already a major player in the circular economy. With our innovative strength in this field, we are exploring sustainable initiatives for the benefit of both society and our growers.

  • Plant-based
  • cooperative
  • total use of crops
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