Cloetta, founded in 1862, is a leading confectionery company in the Nordic region and The Netherlands. Cloetta is manufacturing and marketing confectionery, chocolate products, nuts, pastilles, chewing gum and pick & mix concepts. In total, Cloetta products are sold in more than 50 markets worldwide.

Confectionary products and brands

Cloetta owns some of the strongest brands on the market, e.g Läkerol, Cloetta, Candyking, Jenkki, Kexchoklad, Malaco, Sportlife, Red Band, and Nutisal, most of them with a long heritage tradition. Cloetta has leading brands within the different product categories in several countries.

Cloetta in brief

  • Annual sales SEK 5,8 billion in 2017
  • Operating profit (EBIT), adjusted of SEK 604m in 2017
  • Strong brands and market positions
  • Main markets are Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany and the UK.
  • 2,500 employees in 11 countries
  • Production at 8 factories in 5 countries
  • Listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.


Vision, mission and core values

Cloetta´s vision is “To be the most admired satisfier of Munchy Moments” and the mission is “To bring a smile to your Munchy Moments”. Cloetta has four core values that guide the way of working and acting, both within and outside the company. These core values are Focus, Passion, Teamplay and Pride.

  • Confectionary
  • Candy
  • Chocolate
  • Chewing gum
  • Pastilles
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