Personalised dietary advice, attuned to the body and everyday life

Clear provides personalised dietary advice based on a person's biodata. Their mission is to help people in choosing healthy diets. Clear, established in September 2019, is looking to join forces with companies that want to improve the availability and accessibility of healthy nutrition. Clear is also on the lookout for companies that can help them speed up their technological advancement.

The unique thing about Clear is the individual approach: Clear really takes the body and the everyday life of the individual into account. How? By placing a sensor on the arm of the person involved. This sensor measures glucose levels in the blood and registers how the participant responds to ingested food. Since everyone differs biologically, everyone has a different reaction.

Information gathered in the app

Madelon Bracke, Chief Scientific Officer at Clear, explains: “By also monitoring movement, the moments of food intake and things like stress and sleep, we get a more complete picture. We’ve developed an app that gathers all information and provides the user with insights. We use an algorithm to compose a workable dietary plan, completely attuned to the body of the individual. We don’t prescribe menus but we recommend alternatives for foods that the body doesn’t respond well to, suggest different combinations, or other mealtimes.”

Working together on a complex challenge

Clear already has thousands of users, but the eight people that make up the Clear team would prefer to cater for millions. To make that dream come true, Clear joined the Foodvalley network, Innovation field Food & Health. Madelon: “We would love to share our knowledge and our experience within the Foodvalley network. Making healthy food available to everyone in the world is a complex issue. Our approach is just part of the solution. It’s not just about glucose levels, it’s also about the availability and accessibility of nutrition, and how it’s represented in the media. We also hope to find partners who can help us further expand our technological knowhow. Partners who know, for instance, the best way to log nutrition or activities. Who can come up with a clear way to visualise the data in the app. Who can improve the app to make it even more appealing and easier to use.”

It has to be right, scientifically and commercially

“Everything we do has a scientific basis. At the same time, we want to offer an easy to use and commercially viable programme. We focus entirely on what the client needs. Everything has to be right. We hold ourselves to that quality standard, and we expect the companies we work with to do the same.” Not that this is a point of concern to her, Madelon adds. “I’m convinced that the other Foodvalley members adhere to a same standard.”

Madelon Bracke PhD, Chief Scientific Officer

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