CJ Cheiljedang

Food innovations that promote consumer health, joy and convenience

Innovation is at the core of the food division of CJ Cheiljedang , one of the leading food businesses in Asia. The company joined Foodvalley to introduce the latest food and nutrition innovations to their portfolio and learn more about collaboration across the entire value-chain.

“CJ Cheiljedang was previously involved in a number of research and innovation projects in the Netherlands,” says Heiko Oertling, R&D Hub Manager of the company’s food division. “If you open up an R&D centre here, you should become a member of Foodvalley’, they advised us.”

Connecting companies

CJ Cheiljedang’s European R&D centre came to life in 2021, in the Ultra Plus 2 building right on the Wageningen Campus. “Foodvalley has created a vibrant and relevant community with corporates, research institutes and other organizations that are committed to collaborate towards a sustainable food system.”

Working in consortia

Via the Foodvalley membership, CJ Cheiljedang wants to set up new partnerships to accelerate its mission: to thrive, as a global lifestyle company that promotes health, joy and convenience. “We want to make our colleagues aware and part of the innovations taking place here in Europe, and more specifically in the Netherlands. We would also like to learn more about how to work effectively in consortia with partners across the entire value chain – something which is still not as common as it should eventually be.”

Pragmatic answers

Oertling and his colleagues are also looking for pragmatic answers and applicable solutions, in terms of equipment and facilities. “We have already subscribed to Shared Facility Finder. This is an excellent initiative by Foodvalley NL and Wageningen University & Research to maximize productivity and speed up innovation by sharing facilities.”

Fermented foods

In turn, CJ Cheiljedang brings a lot of unique knowledge of food processing to the table. “Korean cuisine stands out for its high quality, and its broad range of delicious, spicy and fermented foods, like kimchi. Seaweed cultivation for food applications is industrially developed in the region; CJ Cheiljedang has built a strong and unique business case that we could share with the Foodvalley network.”

Leading company

CJ Cheiljedang, a leading Korean company in Asia that used to be part of Samsung - once began as a sugar exporting business. Through the years it has built a broad portfolio of food ingredients and products: from flour, oils and lipids, to various different fresh, frozen and ambient products. “It is difficult to mention a product category CJ Cheiljedang is not involved in,” Oertling notes with a smile. The company has four divisions, involved in food, logistics, entertainment and large-scale fermentative production of amino acids. In 2019, CJ Cheiljedang also acquired the US-based frozen food company Schwan’s.


Heiko Oertling

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