Caenator designs, builds and operates fully automatic French fries vending machines. Our machines cook deep-frozen fries in less than 2 minutes to be served as crispy French fries.

Caenator BV is a Wageningen based company and developed a fully automatic chip machine in close collaboration with Wageningen University. The chip machine makes it possible to obtain a freshly fried portion of chips fully automatically, at any time of day. The chip machine fries fresh chips in 110 seconds and is already profitable if it fries 40 portions of chips a day. Moreover, it is soundless, odour free and safe. Caterers see the machine as a way to increase their turnover. For Public transport companies, various budget hotels and retail chains, it is a way to offer a service to their guests 24/7.

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  • fries
  • French fries
  • food processing
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