Bright Green Partners

Working together globally on alternatives to livestock

Bright Green Partners, which was founded in the summer of 2020, advises businesses, governments and investors all over the world on ‘alternatives to livestock’. A field that is divided into plant, fermentation and cell-based products and technologies. Bright Green Partners joined Foodvalley and the Innovation field Protein Shift in March 2021.

Managing Partner Floor Buitelaar: “All over the world and throughout the chain, people realise the importance of transitioning to alternatives to livestock. Of course, this is mainly about protein transition, but there are all kinds of initiatives in other areas as well. With Bright Green Partners we want to contribute to that transition. Within this market, we advise corporate and medium-sized companies, investors and governments. We work with all types of businesses throughout the chain, such as global agricultural companies and FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) companies, but we also advise food retailers. Examples of our services are start-up or technology scouting, market sizing, go-to-market strategies, mergers & acquisitions, due diligence projects, et cetera.”

Not a consultant, but a partner

Bright Green Partners works with a project-based approach, using a team of around 25 dedicated consultants based all over the world. “While one consultant has a strong affinity with technology, another one knows everything about plant-based ingredients and a third has vast experience in the retail industry”, Floor states.
“The name Bright Green Partners was not chosen haphazardly”, she continues. “We do not want to be consultants who only give advice on a specific topic and then leave. Clients view us as partners, because we are involved in multiple processes for commercial, strategic and research & development departments. In order to do so, we draw on an international database with around 600 experts. On top of that, we have scouted more than 500 start-ups globally, which we can also involve in our processes.”

Global player

The company operates mostly in Europe and North America, but aspires to grow into a global player. Floor: “The interest in ‘alternatives to livestock’ will only increase, which means that the interest in what we do will grow as well. In order to meet the demand, we are working hard to find new consultants and experts. The Foodvalley ecosystem is a very important platform for us, especially when it comes to exchanging knowledge. That is why we hope to meet new companies here that we can work with.”

Floor Buitelaar Managing Partner


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