BioscienZ develops and licenses new technologies based on fermentation technology for application in food feed and agro markets.

BioscienZ is a young company developing technology for the production of food proteins based on fungal fermentation technology. These technologies include the isolation of new organisms from nature, characterizing these novel organisms and next to this has the competences to develop and scale up new processes to produce these proteins. The raw materials used are water efficient crops like sugar beet, potato and cassava.

Next to using natural organisms BioscienZ has the toolbox to engineer designer proteins and express proteins of interest in its proprietary fungal expression technologies bases on Fungi Generally Regarded as Safe. The proteins of interest may be of any source; either microbial, but also plant derived or animal derived.

BioscienZ lab image

Processes are developed based on fermentation; solid liquid separation and subsequent concentration of proteins, evt also drying and formulation.

The Company also provides services to build novel food dossier for innovative enzymes and can assisit in tech transfer to toll production plants throughout the world.

The company is now 15 persons covering molecular biology and process technology as well as regulatory and QA services.



  • Food proteins
  • Fungal fermentation