Biorefinery Solutions (BRS)

Biorefinery Solutions (BRS) develops proprietary, mild biorefining technologies to extract proteins, fibers and other high value compounds out of green side streams from the agro- and food industry.

Examples of these side streams are trimmings from onions, cabbage, orange peels and protein-rich residue streams such as brewer’s spent grain. The gentle extraction process provides high-quality naturally clean protein, fiber, sugar water and starch with a high functional value.

These plant-based ingredients have unique functional characteristics, such as improving texture, gelation and, depending on the feedstock, specific flavour, odor and color properties. This way they can be reincorporated into the food chain and become real value streams.

BRS’ biorefining technologies are commercialized together with value chain partners under license or in joint venture. BRS aims to reduce the CO2 footprint of food products and to increase the circularity of food production.

  • Extract plant-based proteins
  • Upcycle vegetable trimmings
  • Green side streams
  • Mild refining
  • Increase circularity of food production
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