BioBite Nederland

BioBite produces organic power cakes available in the varieties buckwheat and spelt flour. Other ingredients like millet and oats, but also e.g. hazelnuts, almonds, apricots, seeds, dates, cranberries, and gojiberries, give the cake a real bite.

Besides delivering taste, the combination of ingredients make it necessary to seriously chew the cake which in turn influences satiety. As no sugar or preservatives are added, it is best to keep the BioBite in the store’s cold storage or the fridge at home.

BioBite cakes will last 4 days at room temperature and makes an ideal snack for sport, school or work. BioBite firmly believes that consumers should chew their food properly  in order for the digestive enzymes present in saliva to do their job properly, without forgetting the advantages that come along by doing so.

Thus, consciously enjoying every bite!

  • PowerBite
  • Organic
  • Fresh
  • Spelt
  • Buckweet
  • Nuts
  • Sugarless
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