Bio-Connect has an extensive portfolio of research products including antibodies, assay kits, bio-chemicals (e.g. inhibitors and standards), antibiotics, proteins, enzymes, biological samples, qPCR mixes, products for sample preparation/purification and food analysis, food safety tests and many more for different research area’s including metabolism, obesity, diabetes and food.

We have made a selection of our suppliers that might be of interest for the food industry. Food Valley Society members will benefit from special discounts.

Bio-Connect has highly skilled and experienced personnel to actively assist you. Besides our vast portfolio we can provide you with our special service: Bio-Connect Services.

Bio-Connect Services helps you to obtain all your (bio-)chemicals and other (laboratory) products. They offer a quick and transparent solution to all your foreign product needs where there is no official representation. Their goal is to relieve you from work and make the ordering process easier and faster for you.

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