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Berrico’s unique circular approach

Berrico specialises in berries, seeds and unusual varieties of fruits and vegetables. Berrico’s division Plamino markets plantbased proteins, specialising in cold-pressed Hemp and Almond protein. Plamino offers dedicated solutions tailored per industry.

Gregory Ford is Berrico’s sales director Europe. He tells us about the roots of this family business: “Twenty years ago we started selling dried cranberries because we wanted to introduce new and healthy snacks. Consumers weren’t ready for them at the time, but there was a demand for cranberries in the B2B market as an ingredient in foodstuffs like healthy mueslis and bars. Cranberries are still at the heart of Berrico, but throughout the years we have expanded our product range with more fruits and seeds. We were one of the first to sell chia and hempseed in the Netherlands, for instance.”

For all it’s worth

Berrico tries to distinguish itself by exploring all the possibilities a product has to offer. Gregory: “As a snack, or juiced, frozen, puréed, dried, as an oil or a powder: we really try to use the product for all it’s worth, so that not a single one of its unique qualities goes to waste. Whenever we include a new kind of fruit or seed to our assortment, we always look at all the possible facets and uses – circular and no waste.”


Gregory has a scoop for Foodvalley NL: the new subdivision Plamino. “With Plamino, we focus on plant-based proteins, like hemp and almond protein, as a sustainable resource for producers. In this case we obviously also try to look at the entire chain, so we don’t just use the proteins but the fibres as well, for example. This approach is in our nature, and it always leads to innovation.”


Berrico is excited about the Foodvalley NL network: “It’s rather unique to have so many different parties working on such a high level on sustainability and plant-based proteins. Thanks to our combined agendas we can make the most of our products. And it helps that Wageningen University and Research is involved. For Plamino especially it is important to go through a mutual process of gaining knowledge and developing products. We strive to be pioneers in Europe, together with our partners.”

Gregory feels that Berrico has some expertise of its own to bring into the bargain. “In line with our farm-to-fork mentality we make a point of personally buying the ingredients in the countries of origin, and to form a strong and lasting bond with the producers. Furthermore, we invite entrepreneurs and researchers to look into all the possible uses of a product together, and to come up with new applications. It’s more than just sustainability, it’s also about efficiency and maximising the potential. Making use of all the benefits a product has to offer, in order to extract the maximum value.”

Berrico FoodCompany

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