The first step towards healthier snacking

For many of us it is still a challenge to detox from snacks that contain too much sugar, fat and fast carbs. Bazqet helps consumers start their detox journey by offering healthier alternatives that nudge them to slightly change their snacking habits.

Jules Rijnierse is one of the founders of Bazqet, a company (established in 2015) that produces responsible snacks. In July, Bazqet joined Foodvalley NL’s Innovation field Food & Health. Jules says: “My business partner Michel Bouvy and I have always been interested in dried fruits and vegetables. We noticed that products that were advertised as healthy often had packages that weren’t appealing. We sensed that there was room for a brand with a fun image that helps people adopt a healthier lifestyle. We decided to go with a cheerful and recognisable branding for our bars, popcorn, Brown Rice Chips and dried fruit and vegetables: a ‘Bazqet’ full of goodies.”

“Ideally, we have some carrots and an apple as a snack in stead of chocolate or chocolate bars. But there’s no denying that we’re addicted to chocolate, sugar and fat. That’s why we want to offer a healthier and more sustainable alternative in that category. Above all, our snacks are tasty, contain better ingredients and less sugar and fat than the regular products.”

Step-by-step improvement

“It is our mission to adapt to the consumer’s changing food pattern. That means that we always consider whether the consumer is ready for the next step, so that we can, for example, start to reduce the amount of sugar in our bars, or the amount of fat or salt in our Brown Rice Chips, and offer a healthier alternative for a (more) sustainable choice. See it as a marathon. We can stand at the finish line and wave the ultimate healthy product around, but no one can take that step in one go. Moreover, you can’t even see it when you’re at the starting line. You have to start with the first five miles. The first five miles on a marathon to a healthier lifestyle, that’s us. And as soon as you reach the next milestone, you will encounter newer and healthier products.”

Snack of 2050

“Due to the pandemic and the lockdowns, we took a blow. We were aiming to sell our products at public places, such as Schiphol Airport, school cafeterias and corporate restaurants. That market completely collapsed. Now we are in a phase of recovery and new initiatives. We have partially switched to retail and other countries and our products are now available in supermarkets and wholesalers in Germany and the Netherlands. At this moment, as society is opening up again, I believe being part of Foodvalley NL’s extensive network gives us a head start in our development. Perhaps the snack of 2050 is very different from the snacks people are eating now, and in this network we can find people who are already researching that. We can contribute to the network by sharing our knowledge about starting up and entrepreneurship.”


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